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About Us

Echoed was founded by a community of entrepreneurs that believe in a better solution for informed product development.  As founders and product developers, we all struggled with obtaining relevant feedback from our target audience. We soon realized that we weren’t the only ones facing this problem. Startups and large corporations alike crave interaction with their target audience throughout product development. We decided to create a more efficient platform that leverages technology to decrease friction in the focus group process. Our goal is to help companies engage with people passionate about the products they’re trying to innovate.

While we host traditional, in-person focus groups, we also facilitate engagement with companies through online forums and video conferences to decrease logistical friction. On the client side, we provide dedicated support from our team of data scientists, who look for both qualitative and quantitative insights. At the same time, we are able to provide more affordable price points because leverage digital methods to recruit and engage high-quality participants.

We are passionate about helping improve the development process. Join our community and help companies launch amazing new products!